• I’m completely in love

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    Forgive me if I ramble here, because I tend to do that a bit. Since day one I knew how amazing of a person you were/are. I just never knew JUST how much of a rock you would end up being in my life all the time. You have never said to me “no I won’t do this for you” You are the most selfless, gracious, thoughtful person I have ever met. You are the only person in my life I can turn to with any emotion, and word, any thought and not be mocked, or afraid of being judged. I am one hundred percent open with you, because you have made me aware that I can be.

    I love you hopelessly, I worry sometimes I’m not as good to you and for you as you are to me. Things have always come easy for us since day one, but I am a worrier and with that personality trait comes unease.

    I worry you will give up on me, for worrying so much, for hating so many people, for still being broken inside after all this time. For not loving myself the way I should, for whining whining whining.

    But isn’t that what love is about? Knowing the other person well enough that their “bad” traits are just..them? Well, I hope so. Because I need you in my life, you are truly one of a kind. I won’t know love if I don’t have you in my life in one way or another for the rest of my life.

    I have let you help define me. I have let you in. I am you in girl form. (: Don’t lose these memories of those nights. They’re ingrained in me for all time.

    Love always and forever,
    the one who can’t manage one train of thought.

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    1. 7 years later...
      January 22, 2017 at 8:32 am

      Maybe I wrote this. Maybe it’s familiar because I remember reading it back then. Idk…
      Still it’s love pure and simple. Thank you for being my rock.

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