• Goodbye from Earth

    by  • August 27, 2010 • Abuse, Goodbye, Lost Love, Those Gone Before Us • 0 Comments

    Dear you,

    When word spread that you were hit by a RPG, her heart stopped, your parents heart stopped, but mine kept beating.

    Try as I might, I couldn’t feel anything for you. Guess that’s what happens after years of abuse. Shame you never got to show your true colors to her. Beat her down like you beat all the other girls and me. The cheating, the lies, the jealousy…the guilt and anger is still fresh to me. When they all spoke praise of you and what a “great man” you were for saving your men, a fire burned in me. Always the master manipulator. I warned her about you. Those names you called me were not warranted. I will never speak of what you did to me, or the other girls.

    No one would listen anyway.

    As always,

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