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    Dear Dad,

    You’ve pulled our family from fine to completely fucked in the last year. You brought a stranger into our home, you married her, you knocked her up, and I just found proof that it’s all a big lie. You did not talk to me about any of this. Not ONE SINGLE THING. You just decided to tell me and then pretend to laugh it off. Wow, shitty parenting. Thanks. The only think you’ve really given me in the last year is an example of how not to parent. I guess that counts for something; but not much. It counts for about a note saying: Fuck you, I’m emancipating myself and living with my dream family, who, thank God, lives so close and is willing to take me in the second I can leave. I hate you for everything you’ve done in the last year. So while I’m getting my shit out of the house, you can go on pretending your new family is real. Have fun with that, fucker. Oh and I just wanted to say thanks. I’ve had so much fun.


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