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    Dear me,

    You need to stop being so analytical and criticizing yourself all the time! You are more special than you think, you’re boyfriend is into you and his family respects you for who you are. You don’t need to compare yourself to the whores, you are pretty inside and out and need to FEEL THAT WAY. He doesn’t look at other people! Everyone tells you that and even you have never seen him glance at another girl unless you point her out. So please stop making yourself sick with worry about your self worth and if you are good for him. He thinks you are beautiful and will continue to be that way if you keep yourself up and continue to be happy with him.

    You have needed this pep talk for a really long time. It’s something that’s long overdue. If you can see a person who you would assume to be unhappy and feel ugly and depressed and see them with a huge smile on their face and seemingly content then that’s a smack in the face. All the people who are considered ugly that fall in love and make families; that just proves that real happiness is loving someone, yourself, and who you want to be. Your boyfriend loves you for who you are and wants you to just be happy with yourself for once so here’s the kick in the ass to go do that.

    Love yourself. That’s my advice to anyone who actually read this. Never let anyone get you down.


    the happy katie. _;D

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