• You messed up.

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    There are so many things i want to say to you, so many terrible things i want to do to you. You lost the best thing you could have ever had. But you are the type of person that isn’t satisfied with anything that you have. You always want more, and what you can’t have. You cheated on him more times than i’ve ever heard someone cheat on a single person, you physically, mentally, and emotionally abused him. He only remembers the terrible times, and barely remembers the good.

    You damaged the person that I’ve loved for years. I was never trying to take him from you while you two were together. I set aside my emotions for him because I was being respectful. Hell, i was trying to be your friend. We had things in common, maybe things that were wrong but i was hoping maybe i could confide in you about them. I tried. But your insecurities, your greedy nature to control who he hung out with or talked to just because YOU couldn’t handle it.

    There were so many nights he left your house and came straight to mine. Wondering what to do, wondering how to leave. After a while i stopped trying to help the relationship you both royally messed up and started to help him try and move on. Night after night I would tell him he was better than this twisted puppet show. You would screw up, you would break up and then come crawling back to him days later. You left him for other people and when you realized that that wasnt what you wanted you’d cry, beg, promise, and whine until you had him back. You KNEW he would take you back. He knew nothing else. He didn’t know a good relationship, he only knew empty promises, false hope and had to wait for the next screw up.

    In a way I’m very glad i didn’t put my emotions completely on the line when i wanted to. I patiently waited, waited for years for him to finally realize he could have something better. Even if it wasn’t me I would be glad it was anyone but you.

    Now today, on our 4 month anniversary, he is more happy than I’ve ever seen him since the day i met him, he finally has someone that will love him and treat him right, and would do anything to make him happy.

    So in all actuality I would like to thank you. For giving me the greatest, most loving, sexiest, thoughtful, and humorous man I’ve ever met. Maybe we’ll invite you to the wedding. :]

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