• My Love

    by  • August 26, 2010 • Gratitude, Love - Pure and Simple, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    I dated your friend because I felt sorry for him. You had long hair, and a beard, which were major turn-offs for me, too. He and I married, and lived in hell for three years.

    The last six months of my marriage, I struggled with a terrible feeling. I was in love. With you. I felt like everything that my husband had ever called me, slut, cheater, whore, had come true. I had never cheated on him, but I knew that in my heart, I was now. I pushed it away, I tried to make you date my friends, I ignored it.

    When I left him, there you were, my white knight. You helped me cope with the loss of my marriage, my daughter. My new roommates said that you were cute, and that they knew that I loved you. I was aghast!!! I DID NOT!!! But, deep inside, I knew.

    You freaking tease, you knew how to catch and keep me!!! You led me on, and on, and on!!!!! You kept me on my toes, and still do!!! How do you catch the un-catchable? Tell me, how do you stay so mysterious, after years, and a baby? How do you still want me?

    Then you saved me and the baby’s lives. Why would you sacrifice yourself for me? I am not worth your life!! You could have died!!!! You could have survived without me!!! Thank you. That night proved to me that I could never live without you again.

    I love you.

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