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    Dear You,

    It is around two years since I first started liking you. It has only been 22 months since I accepted I liked you, but all the same I like to be accurate even despite my denial.

    What is most surprising about the duration of these feelings is that I never thought it would reach this. I mean, yeah.

    Whenever I catch myself falling for another girl, I always believe it is part of this phantom phase I’ve been in for 10 years. The phase that will pass as soon as I met the future father of my children. Hence, two years is too long a time to entertain feelings of what I used to consider a fleeting fancy.

    Ah, but you have proven me wrong.

    I have no expectations from you after this letter. I’d very much prefer if we pretended I never said any of these words.

    I love you. Without knowing you fully or you knowing it at all, I think I have fallen for you.

    I’ve never felt like this for anyone before. That’s a cliche for a reason.

    You’ve made me a better person. Previous sentence applies.

    You have singlehandedly:

    1. kept me active after the incident.
    2. taught me to study
    3. stop smoking

    You are good for me and I think that’s part of why I like you.

    You know none of these things about me that are related to you:

    1. I attend IEc events cause you’ll be there. you are a major factor in my attendance to anything
    2. I immediately join any project you or grace join. I just love seeing you
    3. I ask so much questions about schoolwork deadlines just so I can talk to you
    4. Ditto for juku
    5. I linger in the doorway afterclass because although my groupmates like to leave the classroom ASAP you take your sweet sweet time doing it.
    6. When I’m particularly down and you’re not around, I look for your car in the parking lot and my spirits lift
    7. i used my like for you to get A’s on my SocSci3 papers
    8. I think all your clothes look better on you than on Grace.
    9. My ears perk up when I hear your laugh.
    10. I just want to hug you sometimes. or run my fingers through you hair. but that’s inappropriate and creepy

    I just want you to know it, I really don’t see anything coming from this.

    Just the burden off my chest and this message: ask me for favors, I love doing stuff for you.

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