• Routine

    by  • August 25, 2010 • Doubt, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    I love you, but I am becoming more aware of our fundamental differences. Your life is based on routine, you cling to the familiar, and any interruption or break from routine is difficult to handle. I, on the other hand, embrace change, even seek it out sometimes. But I find that my primary concern is your happiness, so I fall into your patterns without complaint. The reality is, I have become bored. I yearn for some excitement. As things are now, I can tell you exactly what will happen on any given Friday night, right down to the scripted goodbyes. I know you are dreading the day I leave for college, but I consider it somewhat of a godsend. I know it is going to be hard for you to deal with an hour’s distance between us, but I think this will be a good test of our relationship.

    I really do love you, but know that I can’t promise to be with you forever. We’re still so young, and although I know I’ve become part of your routine, things can change whether we like it or not. For now, all I can promise is to stay as long as things continue to work.

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