• Bitter

    by  • August 25, 2010 • Betrayal, Cheating, Frustration, Lost Love, The Ex • 0 Comments

    It’s been so long, but I am still completely enraged with you. For some reason I cannot let go of the anger inside. I fantasize about ruining your life, because I feel that you ruined mine. I can’t stand to be around you. What I don’t understand is that even though you completely used me and cheated on me when I truly loved you, you still have the indecency to make fun of me and act like a total asshole whenever we’re in the same room. Yet everyone still seems to think you’re a good guy, and it looks like I’m unjustified in hating you. At first I thought cutting you out of my life completely would make everything better, but it’s not enough. For some reason I won’t be satisfied until you are as miserable as you made me. I want you to know the feeling of true heartbreak, because you definitely don’t deserve the girl you’ve got now.

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