• To the girl I love…

    by  • August 24, 2010 • Love - Pure and Simple, Waxing Poetic, Yearning for You • 1 Comment


    what can I say about you?

    simply that I love you.
    with all my heart.
    with all my soul.
    with every part of me.
    I will love you today.
    I will love you tomorrow.
    I will love you when I close
    my eyes and take in my last breath.
    you are my everything babe.

    …I just wish you loved me the same.
    but that’s ok.
    I don’t mind.
    because you’re happy.
    and that’s… all that matters to me.

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    1. Paige F
      September 25, 2011 at 5:41 am

      My name’s Paige and I read this wondering if it’s me… never know…

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