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    i dont know where it went wrong. i dont know when or why you stopped loving me. i dont know how i managed to fuck up the only thing that really mattered to me. i have never been as happy as i was when i was with you, and i would give anything in the world to fix it…. but its too late now. you broke me, i gave up, im not the same girl as i once was. im not happy and giddy, i dont smile too big to kiss. i lost my sparkle when i lost you when i gave up and left, i gave up happiness as a whole. thats not me, im supposed to be a postive person. im supposed to believe that eliminating the bad and the stress will make everything happy, but right now you are the hurt… and i could never forget about the way you made me feel.

    when i moved away reality set in that i will probably never see you again. but i had to, i couldnt stay there. at least now i dont have to have a constant reminder of you. i think of you every 11 seconds, it could be worse, i could still be in welland and be thinking about you every 3 seconds.
    this is the first time ive ever been defeated, the first time i hung my head and walked away. its not something i do. but like i said, you broke me.

    i wish after 3 months of not talking to you or seeing you it would get easier. i wish it didnt hurt as much as the day i watched you drive your big yellow truck away… but it does. and it wont stop hurting. and you probably dont even remember me. i was such an insignificant part of your life. you dont understand how happy you made me.

    oh what i would do to fall asleep beside you one more night. one night without nightmares, one night without crying, one night without heartache.

    but one night would never happen, and i continue to wish for things that will never come true.

    im sorry i loved you too much, and im sorry i continue to love you too much. and im sorry my heart hurts. i know that you would just want me to feel happy without you.

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    1. t
      September 15, 2010 at 8:36 pm

      i still miss you.
      and i will continue to miss you for a long time.
      i hope i figure it out.
      i hope i learn to hate you.
      i hope you get out of my head someday.
      i wish for no more nick in my heart. 🙁



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