• It Started at Homecoming

    by  • August 24, 2010 • Friends, Heartbreak, Lost Love, Miss You • 0 Comments

    You and my best friend had just broken up but she still wasn’t over you and it was my job to try and patch up your relationship. It always was my job and I know that it was me trying to fix your relationship problems that got me so attached to you. We sat inbetween that random row of lockers for hours, I know you didn’t want to miss that slow song dance with your date but you did anyways because I asked you to. It was my fault for thinking you missed the dance because of me when really you missed it because of her. Then we were both at that halloween party and you pulled me aside into a small dark room. I was confused and you guided me over to a piano and started to play a song. Cat and Mouse by Red Jump Suit Apparatus (I still can’t listen to that song without crying), that’s the moment when I started to fall for you, and I mean it I was falling for you. And when I tried to get up and leave because all these emotions were making me sick you begged me to stay with you, you wanted to play me another song but we were inturrupted when she walked into the room and you darted out of the room so fast It was like you weren’t even there. Then you were out on the patio upset because your friend got arrested… again, and you stood there just staring into nothing. We had a silent connection and you hugged me, you just held me for what seemed like hours. Then we were hanging out one day on the golf course behind your house you and my best friend had made up and were friends and she was supposed to meet us later but it was just you and me. And you taught me how to wrestle but I ended up just tackling you instead because it was easier. I was still on top of you when she walked through the gates of your backyard and just stood there, you jumped up and tried to talk to her but she saw what she saw, and I was kind of happy. It didn’t seem like a friendship anymore and everyone thought you liked me as more than a friend. I lost mybest friend because of you, because she thought there was something going on even though you denied it like a mad man. Then came winterformal I was going to ask you but I was told not to or my ex best friend would have hated me forever so you went with that blonde girl who would end up your new girlfriend the next day but not before that night. I remember sitting on the bathroom floor with you at the after party having another one of our talks and I finally got the courage to tell you I like you. I was trying to wipe off all my tears when you grabbed my wrists. I thought you were going to kiss me because you got really close to my face but you just looked at me, and then walked away. And that was the end of our friendship. Last time I had talked to you, you said you hated me but then I ran into you at staples buying school supplies and you had come up to me. And we talked and I wondered if you thought about me at all that day after we said goodbye, because I thought about you. I still am, that talk, seeing you for the first time in months brought back all those memories and now your stuck in my head like an annoying song and your going to have to tell me you hate me again or this will go on for another year.

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