• dear new girl

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    Even though I’ve only worked with you for four days, I already don’t like you. You have a poor attitude and you think you’re better than me. Sorry, but your previous job let you go for a reason and the fact that your current employer was desperate enough to hire you is rather annoying. You might think you’re over qualified for your position, but you’re TERRIBLE at it already. I remember working with some of the same people you used to work with and I remember you handled those situations very POORLY! I remember feeling horrible for that person because you weren’t doing your job to help them.

    All that being said, I don’t plan on trying to become your friend and so far it doesn’t seem like anyone else is on that path either (and I’ve not said anything….yet). I don’t plan on being a part of whatever drama you bring into the office, no one around here has time for that.

    You are not entitled. You are not better than anyone else just because as you but it, “have a degree and they don’t.” Their training was far more intense than what your degree gave you and they had to do it in three months not 6 years. Just because they’re younger doesn’t mean they’re dumb. Give them some credit and respect.

    Welcome to the new job I guess.

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