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    I fell in love with you on the internet. It took me 6 years to get up the courage and get on that plane, and it was only because of you I even had that opportunity. I got on that plane and the whole way there I pondered if you’d even like me. I wondered

    This Storm

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    I want to believe that it all meant something that what happened between us would eventually make it’s way to me with clarity but it hasn’t. Everything is still so…awful, i honestly cannot even find the strength to even try. I accept that you are indeed two years younger than me; and that you were

    You let it fall apart

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    I gave you something that I spent years creating and building to what it was. I thought I trained you to do my job effectively, if not better. It turns out you let me down big time. Running the unit, you needed to be responsible. You needed to set the example. You needed to put

    I Wish

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    …I wish you would see that I was here. I wish I wasn’t a game to you, honey, this is going to have to be your most perfectly played game yet. I wish you could feel the butterflies in my stomach when you say my name. I wish you could feel the sensation that rips