• See Me

    by  • August 23, 2010 • Love - Pure and Simple, To You • 0 Comments

    To her,

    I noticed you first, a long time ago, looking the other way. You didn’t see me. But you knew me, you knew I was there. I saw you, I saw a small cold person who needed someone. After the year went by we both saw each other, this time in a new light, I saw that you were warm and caring, you saw me as nice and funny. We bonded, became the best of friends. You looked into my eyes, I looked into yours.

    I saw something in you, something amazing. Love, I saw the most wonderful person I’d ever seen in my life. You still only saw a friend, but now a good friend. One day I will tell you, because I know, you want to hear it, you want to be loved, and so do I.

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