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    I know that this may be something that you are not expecting, or wanting, to hear. However, this is something I need, and want, to tell you.

    It was fairly recent that I realized I like you as more than a friend. It’s hard to even say when it happened, but it did.

    I like who you are; that is to say, who I know you to be. I know that you and I don’t know one another very well, like say you and Ingrid know each other. However, I absolutely love what I do know about you. You’re sweet and caring. You’re funny and crazy; I always laugh and have a good time with you. You are an honest and genuine person…these are traits that I value in people, and are very hard to find independently…however, you have them all…that is exceptional.

    I have never met a girl…no, scratch that…I have never met a PERSON like you ever before. You are amazing. You make me incredibly nervous whenever I’m around you. My heart beats faster, I get that feeling like butterflies in my stomach, and I just freeze up and can’t think of anything to say to you…I find myself saying the stupidest stuff to you and in my mind I think ‘what the hell was that? That was so lame.’ You can be intimidating, but in a good way. I think that you are an exceptional individual. I constantly want to know more about you and the things you’re interested in. But, I find myself shying away from you and pulling away because of my fear that if you were to find out I care for you that you would react poorly or want to stop being friends.

    I want a chance to get to know you better. I want a chance to make you feel special. I want a chance to show you how amazing and special you truly are. I want a chance to treat you the way that you deserve to be treated. I want a chance to take you out on a date sometime so that we both can get to know each other better.

    All I’m asking for is a chance. If it doesn’t work out I will have to be content with you as a friend in my life…but having you in my life would be enough. I just want you to know how I feel and how truly amazing you are.

    I can deal with you not wanting anything more than friends, but I fear you will react poorly and not want to be friends anymore. However, I can be adult and content with simply friends if that is all you want. I hope that you will realize that we are both adults and can move on and still be friends and nothing more and that will not cause a problem for me…and hopefully not for you as well.

    It’s hard for me to express myself because I am very shy. Honestly, when I think of how I want to tell you and what I want to say so much comes to my mind all at once, but when it comes to me actually saying these words to you I freeze, go blank, and my heart pounds in my chest… and I inevitably “chicken out”. I wish that when I look into you’re beautiful brown eyes to tell you these things that I didn’t get so nervous. Normally when I look into your eyes I get lost in them and think how beautiful and kind you are. But you just have something about you that can strike such strong emotions in people…or at least into me. I love it but I am scared of it all at once. You have such a presence about you that is so hard for me to articulate into words to you, but it is so amazing and awesome that I can’t believe that no one has ever noticed it before and ever told you.

    Just know that with all the girls I’ve dated and people I’ve known, I have never found someone like you. You are truly unique and make me look at things in life differently than I have ever previously examined them. I hope that you end up with someone that truly deserves you (even though you are too good of a catch for anyone) and treats you how you should be treated.

    If I walk away from you and from my feelings for you, without ever having told you or made an effort to tell you how I feel…I will regret it. You are the type of person that I would be an utter fool and moron to let you walk out of my life. You’re an amazing young woman; unlike any other I’ve ever met.

    I hope I don’t lose you when I tell you this…

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