• Lauren Linz*

    by  • August 23, 2010 • Interested?, Love - Pure and Simple, Marriage, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    I never have felt the way I do now. You taught me to accept myself. Love myself for everything that is wrong with me. I’m not afraid of living anymore. I refuse to put on this fake persona anymore. I do not care if I come off as boring and lame. I’d never give up being with you for anything. You could ask me to do anything and I would. You want to run away? Let’s go. If you want to get married on your 18th birthday, hell it’s risky, but let’s do it. We are young. We are dumb. But we are not blind in our love, our lives, or our priorities. Let’s make this happen. We can be the insanely stupid couple who starts life together way too young, but ends it together way too old. I don’t care about proving it to anyone else. I just want to make it work. We work, like Megan Fox works in Jennifers Body. We are as beautiful as your blue eyes. We are as intense as my anger. We can make this happen. Let’s get engaged, hell right now. Just say yes. Nod your head on webcam. Smile and hide your face. We aren’t going to sit around and talk about it forever. We will do things, not dream about doing things. Let’s go. I love you.

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