• Just Like That

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    It’s funny. How you can become such good friends with a person. One second the two of you are friends. The next, you are being ignored. What did I ever do to you? The saddest thing is I feel like that other one who you did this to. I NEVER thought I’d be treated this way. Shame on you. But more, shame on me. For knowing this was possibly happening to me next. I saw the way you treated her. And I was warned by many. Stay away, stay away. Playing with fire can burn you. I took the risk. And today, I write this burnt. Burnt to such an extent you have no idea. Thanks to you, I’ll have a harder time letting people get close to me. Get to know me. Because I refuse to be played like you did to me. You have cost them and me a great deal.

    Even more hurtful? You can’t admit it. At least have the decency to face me and say it. You’ll be hated. Much more than now. But at least my respect for you won’t have diminished. I wish I could sit here and write you a nice letter telling you good luck in college and that I can’t wait for you to come back and visit. Sadly, I sit here writing this. This letter which you will never read. This letter which means the world to me. This is how it ends. You throwing me away.


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    1. sdaf
      August 23, 2010 at 10:21 pm

      she sounds like a cunt

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