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    Dear Friend,

    I love you.
    You can be such an amazing friend.
    But sometimes, you scare me.
    You’re amazing and talented and beautiful.
    But you’re also hurting yourself.
    I don’t know if it’s still happening.
    And I sincerely hope it’s not.

    From what you do tell me, I understand that your life sucks.
    The things that have happened to you make me so angry.
    You don’t deserve for those things to happen to you.
    But it’s the things that you don’t tell me that make me angrier.
    All those things you keep on the inside are hurting you more.
    They’re hurting me more.
    I want to cry everytime I see the scars.
    The ones that you try so hard to hide.
    The ones you hid for such a long time.
    The ones you lied to me about.
    Cat scratches? Yeah right.
    You think those bracelets and bandannas just look cool? I don’t think so.

    You need to talk to someone.
    It’s obvious that you won’t talk to me.
    I’ve tried.
    It’s true that I can’t relate to your life.
    But I want to help.

    Facebook statuses reminding me how often you feel melancholy and dictating the lyrics of your favorite depressing song aren’t helping. The I love you’s and You can always call me’s and the cyber-hug’s apparently aren’t either.

    But seriously, talk to someone.
    Get help.

    I love you.
    Take care.

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