• Broken Trust

    by  • August 23, 2010 • Friends, Grief, Lost Love, Trust • 0 Comments

    Our friendship meant the world to me,
    You know me better than I know myself, but then something happened that I don’t understand, now you’ve turned against me,
    and it hurts more than I could ever imagine, I trusted our private times together where we could laugh, I could cry, we could joke, and just be ourselves, but that trust was broken just as quickly as you used to make me smile.

    I wish that I could just talk to you and get this feeling out. So you could see what has happened. You told me once that you didn’t know what you would do if I wasn’t around, because you said we could talk about anything and everything. Apparently you were wrong, and so was I, because we can’t talk about this, not even if we tried.

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