• You molested me

    by  • August 22, 2010 • Abuse, Frustration, Grief • 0 Comments

    Dear John,

    You molested me. I don’t know why you felt you had the right. Yeah I kinda liked you (a thought which now makes me sick) and I leaned on you on a car ride, but how the hell was that an invitation to stick your hand up my skirt?! When I told you no and you threatened to permanently shut me up if I didn’t hold still, I stopped fighting, and you held my head to your dick… I hate myself for that. The only person who hates you more than I do is my husband, and you’re a lucky bastard I kept him from making you disappear, just thought I’d tell you, you’re a FUCKED up Bastard, but I will never stoop low enough to let someone I love even have to suffer your presence.

    Not your Bitch!

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