• Ode to the Wiss

    by  • August 22, 2010 • Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    You called…I answered
    A drunken man broken and upset
    Your face was haunted and your soul full of regret

    My home…a sanctuary
    Providing words of comfort and support
    I opened my heart and mind
    And twas all done without a thought

    My bed…was where we lay
    Chatting shit all through the night
    about what we had done each day

    My feelings…I put on the line
    I was open, told you I liked you
    Your response…
    “Who knows maybe in time”

    Warning lights were flashing inside my head
    Was this another ‘five year plan’
    A liar, snuggling me in my bed?

    Another bearded charmer
    Whose affections I had fallen prey
    Waiting always for the turn of events
    The joker card to be put into play

    These doubts…I put out of my mind
    You made me smile, gave me warmth and affection
    offering your ‘handy man’ services as payment in kind

    Just words though…actions never taken
    My curtain pole remains hanging off the rail
    In my own galleon I was never to set sail

    You left…in my life an empty space
    Two weeks had passed by and then reality hit me firmly in the face

    My instincts…I should have trusted
    You took my hoody and broke my heart
    All I have left is a pair of pants!!

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