• My boring boring life

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    Dear Dear anyone,

    I awoke this morning as a I always do. Slightly tired and awake too soon. I get out of bed and turn off my alarm. Look in the mirror and admire my charm. Then I walk to the kitchen. My brother always bitchin, “Why are you up?” he would always ask. And I would reply with a shrug, fast. Then I ‘d quickly leave that dim room and sit curled up like in a womb. I’d eat my fruits so sweet and yummy and think to myself “How funny. No one else awake in miles. It’s going to be like this for awhile.” Then I would throw away my yummy’s carcass and plop myself onto the carpet. I would then think about what to do that day. And who first will I say, “Good morning,” I would shout to my brother. Him looking at me like I’m a bother. Then I would walk daintily back to my room and think to myself “It’s almost noon.” Then I would put on my pretty clothes, leave the room and grab the phone. First I call my bestest friend, they don’t answer so I call again. When I finally realize they aren’t home, I go to see my emails shown, on my computers screen shining super bright and for a second, I lose my sight. I check all my regulars, oh so boring, then check them again like I did last morning. When I look up at the clock I am so surprised to see that it is almost five so I close my computer and wait her. I wait for the arrival of my mother. She walks in and I humbly say, “Hello mother, how was your day?” She then says “Fine,” and walks to her room while I look out the window at the moon. Shortly after, we eat our dinner, I start to notice my energy getting thinner. I walk back to my room once more, and I go to sit on my floor. I play my bass with its lovely low tones, then I start to think of the phone. I call my friend another time then I hope that they don’t mind. I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and brush my hair until its neat. I take out my contacts very carefully and walk to my room very merrily. I turn on my radio but make sure its quiet then go to a different station, just to try it. I go to my light and turn it off and climb onto my bed that’s a loft. The journey up was quite draining and I smile because I hear its raining. I fall asleep happy and joyous, even if I didn’t do much. So that’s been my life so far this summer. Its simple and easy but not really a bummer. Now you’re probably wondering, “Why did you write all this?” and the answer is, I’ll admit, every time I try to tell someone they always say “Shut it.”

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    1. Krysten
      October 28, 2010 at 11:28 am

      That very beautiful the way you put everything.



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