• miss him

    by  • August 22, 2010 • Breaking Up, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, Miss You • 0 Comments

    We’ve broken up for almost a month now.

    I say to everyone who cares me, ‘I’m ok, no worries.’ but only myself knows I’m not that ok actually. I still miss him sometimes. Still think of how happy we were together, still want to be held by him when sleeping, still imagine how handsome when he’s doing sports, still wish I could look him in his eyes and tell him that I love him, don’t want to lose him.

    Once he said, I should stop walking out on him as a start to make him feel better after some stupid thing i did. I promised I wouldn’t. At last he dumped me without giving me any chance to keep my promise, then why said that to me? Only for making me feel guilty? Anyway, I don’t want to complain at all. Just want to tell the truth that I miss him a lot!

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