• Goodbye

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    I miss you more than words could ever describe. It has been two years, six months, four days, five hours, and thirty-one minutes since you were taken from me. I am moving in to my college dorm for my first semester one week from this saturday, and I am really scared. I still need you, but I know that you are no longer in pain. Due to events in my life I can not say that you are in a better place as I am not sure if i believe in the same things you did. That is only in the religious statement, everything you have ever taught me though I do believe in, and I live by it every single day of my life. I have found a girl that I love and I wish more than anything you could have gotten to know her, you would have gotten along with each other perfectly. There are many things that she says to me that remind me of you. She is very loving and has a beautiful heart. She also sings and plays flute and piano, just like you. She is going to teach me how to play piano, which will be very difficult because you had tried a few years ago but then you got sick. She promises that she will help me through it and if it is too difficult then we will stop. My father, your son of a bitch ex-husband is as always a pain in the ass. He refuses to help me in any way now that i have reached my first years of college. He has cut me off completely aside from allowing me to stay under his roof. But I will be okay, because you are here with me everyday through your influence on me and the lessons i learned from you.

    I just wanted to let you know that I may not be at my best, but that I will be okay, and I won’t ever give up, because you never gave up on me.

    I love you Mom, and I miss you.

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