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    I could get you your favorite band’s first CD, or I could get you a shirt in your favorite color, but I decided that I would write you a letter instead. The thing is, I don’t know what your favorite band or color is, and that makes me sad. I know that we don’t talk very much, and I know you try your very best to talk to me, and I ignore you, but I just can’t let myself open up to you or Mom. I don’t know why. You’ve been the best Dad I could ask for. You’re the most hardworking person I know. All you do is work. ALL THE TIME. It seems like you never have a break, and it makes me feel bad. I know that we never say “ I love you” or express our love towards each other, but I love you more than you’ll ever know. You like to make jokes about how close we were when I was little, all the time, and I really miss that. You’re one of the best men I know. You’re so honest and nice to everyone. So faithful. You don’t do anything for your self, always for others. I know that I act so depressed all the time and you probably think I’m a weirdo… but it turns out that I’m actually one of the most outgoing people at school… most likely the class clown. I have very many friends ranging in many different categories: jocks, troublemakers, class pets, EVERYTHING. I want you to never judge me. Ever. Or my friends. In all honesty, I choose my friends wisely, and I wouldn’t choose ones that wouldn’t treat me well. Every person I let in to my life treats my well, and if they don’t, we most likely aren’t friends. You’d be surprised at what kids do these days… pretty insane stuff. You’re lucky. I’m a really good kid. I’ve never even TOUCHED a cigarette, nor have I drank… which really is good for a kid my age considering that that is all some kids do these days… I’d say you did a pretty good job. I know you think I can probably do better in school, but I really try my best. I kind of want to get a math tutor next year, because I’m going to try harder. You always push me to my limits and that is AWESOME! I’m really excited for camp, as well, I’m ready to change. Thank you for paying lots of money for my benefit. I hope to return healthier! I know that we barely talk now, but I’m hoping we can change that. I know that once we both get over our stubbornness we’ll be more welcome to let each other into our lives. I also feel like once I get out of the house, like when I go to college (wow) we might be able to get closer. I hope that you don’t take this the wrong way, because it is supposed to make you happy. You’ve been the greatest dad, and you continue to be everyday. I hope that you have fun at your camp for 2 months, I’m going to miss you a lot (even though you probably don’t think so) … Also, the one thing I love about you is that you always buy me treats. Like candy… Haha. I feel like it’s your way of showing love… even though we might have to switch the candy to fruit, hahaha. Well, I love you times infinity, and I hope you know that! You rock. Also, I know that it bothers you that I don’t go to church, but I’m a growing teenager… I don’t know what to believe. All I can hope for is that I’ll be as great as a person as you are someday… Happy Fathers Day, Dad.

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