• To Mum

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    Dear Mum

    It’s so hard not to feel bitter about all the things you put me through. I don’t hate you strange enough, I don’t love you at all. From all the crap you put me through I’m numb now. You’re just a stranger in a crowd. It broke my heart to have to leave home. I still cry about it at night but I had to, I couldn’t take you anymore. I left everything I ever knew to start a new start. All because of you. I’m stronger now but it only takes some tiny thing that reminds me of the way you screamed at me or hit me or played emotional blackmail to make me weak and break down. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you, it’s that I don’t know what to say to you. I can’t put how i feel in to words. I find it hard to let people in and to trust and I will never forgive you for trying to stop me from seeing my dad. You made his life hell even after he left you, by using me, by telling him he can never see me again unless he gives you money. Is that how much you value your daughter with money? There is more to say but i can’t it hurts too much.

    I guess this is good bye unless you will just say sorry but you can’t even see that you have done something wrong.

    Charlie x

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