• Goddam I hate you

    by  • August 21, 2010 • Hatred, Heartbreak, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, Those Gone Before Us • 1 Comment

    The truth is that I’ve always hated you. I hated you from the moment that I met you. I hate your stupid smile, I hate your gay ass hair, I hate the way you stay so fucking calm in the worse situations, I just hate everything about you. We were at a party and everybody was drinking. You said hi and introduced yourself; at first it seemed so normal, like nothing could possibly go wrong. Something never felt right while I was with you, I could be myself and tell you things that I wouldn’t tell anybody. You were my best friend the person I could play Pokémon with, the guy I could trust to be my wing man, the dude who could play legendary with all the skulls on. I never saw it coming when you made a move on me, or the fact that I let it happen. I never thought I would become “involved” with another dude. But at the time it was perfect, no one knew and it was just you and me. I loved you, more than I ever loved anyone, even though I knew I shouldn’t like another guy like that, even though I was in to girls. When I was with you things were different and I was ok with that. But then you go and pull this shit and leave me out to dry with all these gay “Feelings”. Who the Fuck do you think you are, I mean really!? No one said you could Bitch out and leave. The most fucked up part is the fact that I have to pretend to hate you just to get through the days. You were never supposed to die on me, we never got to go visit New Zealand, and we never got to see the northern lights!! I HATE you for making me fall for you, And I hate you for dying on me, And most importantly I hate myself for being the driver that killed you because it should have been me.

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    1. olliver
      October 31, 2010 at 9:12 pm

      you are going to have to forgive yourself at some point, or youll never be able to love again. you will never be able to get close to someone. its ok to have a period of remorse, i would too, but at a point. you have to move on. remember the person, love them, but realize you have more life in front of you. live it like they would want you to



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