• Daddy

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    Daddy, why did you leave?
    You left all of us
    for your new family.
    For your “improved and polished” family.
    I hide my feelings for you,
    all the time.
    I don’t want to hurt you,
    because I’m afraid you’ll never come back.
    But now, my worst nightmare came true.
    And you’re gone.
    Now I’m mad. Furious, livid, enraged, pissed.
    And all I want is to hurt you.
    But under all that anger,
    is just a little sad and scared girl.
    Wanting her daddy to come home.
    To come to her birthday instead of going to work.
    To tell her he loves her,
    and to hold her.
    To just be there.
    But I can’t have that.
    You just don’t do that.
    But with your new daughter,
    you will.
    Daddy, why did you leave?
    Was it me?
    Was I never good enough?
    Daddy, I hurt myself for you.
    Daddy, I only want one thing from you,
    just one thing.
    And that’s to hear “I love you”
    and actually mean it.
    But you won’t, I know you won’t ever do that.
    Because daddy, you simply don’t love me.
    And you’re gone.

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