• Changes (Growth & Confusion)

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    Dear H. Grace,

    You don’t know how much time I spent daydreaming about my next visit after the trip last summer. To meet you in person was wonderful. I was so excited to have found someone with so many of the same interests after so much searching. The fact that we’re only two weeks apart in age blew me away. You have a strong personality that surprised me when I saw you face to face. There’s a saying that a man looks for someone like his mother, and I’ve discovered many of those old adages are true.

    The problem is that a lot changed in the last year. I certainly have. I need a girl who can recognize that she isn’t always right, someone who’s willing to learn and grow. I don’t think that person is you, even if you wanted to be her. You can’t seem to decide what you want. “Daniel,” your previous courter, had a lot of my interests. The fact that you two ended it means I never had a chance, doesn’t it? And now you think you have feelings for your best friend.

    The fact is that he dated two girls in the last year who went against his long-held beliefs. He only knew one of them for two weeks before he dated her. Doesn’t that frighten you? He needs you to help him, if you can help anyone. I don’t think you should date him until he gets through these problems. But who am I? I feel like I hardly know you, even though I thought I would after the trip this summer. Maybe I really do now. I want to live out the dreams of a better world that I thought we shared, but you don’t seem to know what you want to do with your life.

    I didn’t want to say this in person, but I think I’ve found someone who could take part in my adventures.

    Thank you for introducing me to her family. 5 days wasn’t nearly enough time to get to know them all last trip. I’m so glad I could stay with them this time. They are truly members of my family now, and they’ve said I’m like a member of theirs. Her parents are such admirable people, and I’m so grateful for their approval.

    While it’s true “Ruth” is being courted already (I’m seeing a pattern here), I’m willing to wait like I did for you. She has an air of joy (which I love) about her, but I’ve caught glimpses of her troubles. She needs a help I can give. She seems to be a good learner, perhaps better than you. If nothing else, maybe I can be a good friend to her. Just that would be an honor.

    There’s so much more I could write about: how I’ve changed since last summer, how I changed even after visiting this summer, all the work I’ve completed in the last year, all the plans and dreams I have for the future. But maybe I can tell you about these things, and more, next summer when I visit her. I hope to see great growth in you, your best friend, and the girl I admire.

    Your friend,

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