• … and I believed you…

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    It’s been four months since I’ve seen you like I used to. We were best friends and together everyday, inseperable, for Four years. And now… you’re like a stranger to me.

    I never had any intention of falling for you, and in fact I fought it at all costs. I denied the feelings and hoped that they would be replaced by feelings for someone else. Why? Because I knew it wasn’t right. But you… yes you… smooth talker… You made your way in. It’s like you studied me for the first three years finding all my weak spots and then when I was at my must vulnerable point you broke through.

    I took care of you, helped you get through your drug problem. Helped to show you that you can get back on your feet and work through things. You promised me a life together, told me that you had my back and even promised me that you would never hurt me. Ha talk about a smooth talker and a comedian… but i believed you….

    You blame how things are now on me??? I used to report to you where i’d been and who i’d talk to, and what I did all day long… why because you would ask me, and hound me and when i would tell you… you’d accuse me of lying…saying “sophia I can read you… i know you… i know you’re lying”… but you were always “kind enough to over look it”…. oh how very generous…. but i was the one that over looked everything… that thought that eventually things would change… you would trust me…. you always said… you prove to me sophia that i can trust you and I will… and i believed you… foolish foolish me!!

    Well now I’ve moved on, but you can’t handle that… you have to just “show up” and want to “talk” all the time. Well you know what… spare it… because i don’t believe you any more…. and you know what… FUCK YOU. Find someone else you can bend over and fuck into submission. I don’t believe anything from you… hell I don’t believe in you.

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