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    Thank u God. Gracias

    by  • August 21, 2010 • God, Gratitude • 0 Comments

    Hola. Soy yo otra vez. Solo quería daarte las gracias por la abundancia en mi vida. De verdad es fenomenal y nno me canso de agradecert por Mario y por el recién descubierto poder de la oración. Dos cosas más. Bendice a todas las almasatormentadas que escriben en ésta página para que encuentren tu paz,

    I Will Always Love You

    by  • August 21, 2010 • Friends, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    Dear Steven, I’m sure you’ll never read this, but I do still love you. No matter what I say or do or whatever, I will always love you. I’ve doubted myself in the past. You’re self-centered, you don’t care about losing friends that are close to you, you just brush it off like it’s nothing.

    A Catharsis Sent to Chris

    by  • August 21, 2010 • Breaking Up, Cheating, Frustration, Lost Love, The Ex • 1 Comment

    Dear Chris, I’m sure you’ll never read this. I’m sure even if you do, you’ll never think it’s about you (times like this, I’m glad my ex-super-close-lunch-date-friend has a relatively common name). I still think about you most days. You were a good person to talk to. So, you’re back with your ex-actual-girlfriend? Or did