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    Hey, Um its your best friend. Hopefully after you read this I’ll still be intact.

    Um I sort of made out with your brother. BEFORE you go ape-shit, hear me out.

    Okay, It was the night before the night you left for California, remember you and I were hanging out? Remember the fun we had watching Avatar Last Airbender anime with your brothers? Good. Remember the good times.

    So you and Patrick went off to bed, being the exhausted girl you are, and I was alone on the first floor. You know how I hate sleep and it hates me as well? Well I heard the TV on and I went to the basement and your older brother was watching some show, I think it was like modern war machines, he was sitting on the floor.

    I sat on the couch in my shorts and tank-top looking kind of like a mess. He spoke up and told me some random fact about the college he was going to. Like how long he would be away for or something.

    I’ve been your friend since we were three and it had been thirteen years I had known your family. Remember?

    Anyways I scooted down to sit next to him being as friendly as I am. Him being like a brother but you know, not, scooted over and gave me a blanket because your basement is frigid. While we watched things blow up he spouted off another factoid about college, when he was leaving. Since you were leaving in two days and he was leaving in six, while you would be gone, I stuck out my hand and told him goodbye.

    He turned down the sound on the Tv after taking my hand. He faced me and, well, I kind of lunged at him. I know he’d never been popular and I never thought him handsome or anything, and you think he’s weird/socially awkward and I agree. But in that moment when he turned to me looking slightly nervous, I’m guessing about school , I felt it would be the right way to send him off to Ohio or where-ever.

    I know you don’t want to know the details but I honestly meant it as a quick goodbye kiss, but it escalated into a weird makeout session, I could tell he was kinda into it (Sorry I know you don’t want to know!). After we parted he told me what his school’s mascot was, we laughed, shook hands to say we’d never tell, I went up stairs, read for an hour, and dreamed of that one hot kid I’ve been stalking, shirtless by the ocean, building a sandcastle with me, did i mention shirtless?(you know that’s hot in a kindergarten way(come on smile for me)).

    It was nothing and I’ll understand if you hate me. But you were always joking about how you wished we’d get married so we’d be sisters, remember? ha? hahaha? no? Well honestly you know I wouldn’t.

    Don’t hate me, I’d probably die if you did.

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    1. jamie
      August 19, 2010 at 11:54 am

      I would forgive you if i was lily.

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