• I’ll send my love for you across the oceans to Korea

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    My love, my darling, to my everything I ever hoped for,

    You are so very far away.

    I remember when we met almost 5 years ago in that cold, mirrored classroom. I could see you practicing across the room, the theater mirrors reflecting everything but your passion for life. You were captivating from the moment I met you. You were this beautiful monument of hard work and determination. You were the boy of my dreams.

    I gave the next 3 years of my life to you. I spent everyday of wakefulness doing everything I could to bring you happiness. I devoted my time and emotions to your well being; I threw away my pride and my even some of my friends and relationships to insure your smile never fled from your lips.

    However, I was part of a cycle for you. You came and you loved me, but you fled just as quickly. You dragged me around for three long years as I tried to cope with my own problems, my own crumbling family. I had so many things going on in my life, but I made room for you. I kept a part of me always open for you to return. You told me I depressed you, I was too gloomy, but not everyone lives a perfect life. Your life was free of sorrows and misfortunes. The biggest tragedy in your life was the support your parents didn’t give you when you told them you wanted to go into music. And they got over it.

    Still, you latched onto the idea that everyone had to live perfect lives with perfect smiles always on their faces. Well not everyone is as lucky as you, not everyone has someone devoting all their time to making them happy.

    You finally left me for good at the end of your senior year. Three years and finally you cut me off completely. You left for the Army to chase your dreams and I never heard from you again.

    You’re off to Korea now. Halfway across the world from me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. You treated me terribly in the end, but I loved you. I love you. I miss you more than anything I have ever missed. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen you, and it’s bound to be a dozen more before I see you again. It’s been almost 5 years…

    Some high school loves never die.

    Will you still love me in a day or in a week?

    You always said even in months and in years.

    May the orient treat you well. May love find you halfway across the world.

    Love always,

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