• Cluster B

    by  • August 17, 2010 • Breaking Up, Frustration, Lost Love, The Ex, To You • 0 Comments


    I think you might have cluster B, borderline personality disorder. I know this could be because you recently rejected me, but all the evidence is there.

    The multiple close males around but having a main relationship which which s always rocky, self harm in the form of poor eating habits stemming from your eating disorder. You idolise and then reject people.

    I am not a professional, but you are two-faced, you lie to everyone you know, you fake concern rarely and seem actually concerned never. You are a difficult, cold and troubled person who thinks too highly of of herself. In reality you don’t have a job and tend to hurt the people who care most about you.

    For a time you were perfect in every way, both beautiful and fun to talk to, but in time you have shown your true colours.

    Also you should stop drinking at every opportunity to give your life some form of excitement and meaning.

    Good luck, I really hope I stop caring about you soon, so I can tell you to fuck off.

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