• Day 3

    by  • August 16, 2010 • Breaking Up, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, Miss You • 0 Comments

    Dear Chelsea,

    It’s now day three after you have broken up with me. I have never been more miserable in my life. I have decided to try to talk to you again in about a week, I just wanted to give you some space. All I do is think about how I wish you would realize you made a mistake and come back to me. I dream of you calling me or knocking on my door every waking minute. No matter what my friends say, I feel like I will never get over you. Being broken up with on the first day of college really sucks. I see you everywhere on campus. I don’t know if you see me and it’s killing me that I can’t talk to you. I feel as though I have had a thousand weights dropped on my chest. I can’t sleep at night and I have hardly eaten at all. I’m trying my hardest not to call you or text you, I just wish I knew what you were thinking. I can’t escape my thoughts, even when I run or longboard. I feel as though I have gone insane. My life is awful right now and you’re the only person who could fix it. I love you more than everything and I can’t bear the fact that you’re leaving me. Maybe one day I’ll send this to you but I don’t think I can bear any more pain.

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