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    Dear All Restaurant-Goers EVERYWHERE,

    Your server is a human being. Your server also gets paid about 2.65$ an hour. If your food is late/ tastes bad/ has a hair in it/ fork is dirty/ WHATEVER- We’d LOVE to fix it for you but please realize it is NOT OUR FAULT and to tip 10% for the fault of the cook/ dishwasher (who get paid 10$ per hour more than us to do sometimes shitty work) IS JUST FLAT OUT RUDE.

    We have memories.

    Know that if you leave a crappy tip- the next time you come to our restaurant we murmur to eachother “Oh its that bastard again! He tipped me 5% last time!” And don’t be surprised if your drink doesn’t get refilled, you don’t get extra napkins, and you have to wait an extra 5 mins to get your bill.


    A GOOD TIP is 20%
    A HORRIBLE TIP is 10% this will make us curse you.

    We depend on these percentages to pay our bills. If you don’t like the system than don’t eat out.

    Every server in America

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