• How are you?

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    Dear Pete,

    I know this may be strange, writing out of the blue like this. But, I’m strange, so do you really expect anything else from me? Anyways, I don’t have any reason or ulterior motive behind this. I know how easy it would be for you to think I’m lying, and I don’t blame you. But it’s me, and you know how I always wanted you to challenge yourself, so please just believe this letter is innocent. You always had a gift for expecting only good things from people. I used to call you naive, but I don’t think that’s true anymore.

    My reason for writing you is… I’m wondering how you’re doing. Which is weird considering the last time I wrote you. Should I offer an explanation for everything I said? I don’t think you’re interested, it’s not like you asked. I certainly could explain, but I won’t waste more of your time that I already am.

    So why now? Why did I wait until now to say anything? Over a year after the fact? Two since I last saw you? I guess it’s because I think about you. I don’t know if it’s guilt for saying some of the things I did or regret for the things I didn’t or something else. I try not to regret what happened, but I do wish we had been better at being friends. You were my first real guy friend. But in the 3000 plus miles, I’ve found other guy friends. Being with them makes me wonder why you were ever with me.

    Sorry, since we’ve last talked I’ve gotten better at writing. I think it makes me ramble more… and you probably thought I couldn’t get any worse.

    I guess I’m asking us to put the past in the past and be friends again. Or at least, two people who are mildly curious about the others well-being. What I’m trying to ask is: how are you?

    -Your old friend.

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