• I’m afraid of you

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    We’ve known each other almost three years now. I’ve loved you since the first moment we talked. You are the only thing that has ever mattered this much, but meanwhile it makes me so weak and scared.

    I hate being weak in front of you. I hate being so attached to you. You’re so different than me. You’re not attached, neither do you show any weakness. I wouldn’t want to see you disappear, but if you must – i will understand.

    After three years of knowing you, i’m still not sure what you feel. You have built great walls around you and the small holes between the bricks sometimes reveal a tiny part of your inner self. And it’s beautiful. The most beautiful thing i’ve seen. I couldn’t ever leave that.

    I’m not finished with you, and i wouldn’t want to be. I would love to see you open up someday. I hope you understand me. I’m trying hard to understand you. Maybe someday i will, and i wouldn’t be so scared of you anymore. You are the only one that can break me completely.

    I have waited for you always.

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    1. Kliq
      August 16, 2010 at 6:50 pm

      This is a letter I will send. Thank you.

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