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    It’s not that you found somebody else. It’s that you rubbed that somebody in my face and made me feel like shit about it. Never have I cried so much over another human being in my life, and I get nauseous just thinking about you. You made last semester a living hell. You made my summer lonely & insufferable.

    So please, just, go away. I don’t want to be your friend. I don’t want to be your anything. I just wish you would disappear. It continually dumbfounds me how fucking stupid you are, that you can’t comprehend that I just want you to go. I’ve told you flat-out that I want nothing to do with you. I blocked your number. I destroyed everything you’ve ever given me except one thing; one furry little puffball who keeps me sane and keeps me company when I feel alone. She pissed on your shirt, by the way, so stop asking for it back. It’s long gone by now.

    You’re an asshole, you broke my heart, and I don’t need you. I hope your new girl cheats on you again. You two deserve each other. You don’t deserve me. I’m moving on, so, please, I don’t want anything from you but one thing. That you just. Go. Away.

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