• i don’t know how to not love you.

    by  • August 12, 2010 • Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    i don’t have a clue how to stop loving you. even though i haven’t talked to you in months and you have found a new love, i don’t know how to stop feeling the way i do. it doesn’t make me sad to think about you with her. it doesn’t really affect me at all, but i know that if you were ever to want me back, if you ever loved me again, i would drop everything and everything to be with you again. you know me. you bring out the best in me. i was more myself with you than i have ever felt in my entire life. i always promised myself that i would never be one of those stupid girls to fall in love and let down all her defences, i never thought i would be that dumb girl to truly believe that this stupid teenage relationship would never end. But i did. I would still marry you if i could, and if you wanted to marry me. you made feeling that strong towards you effortless. I would of thrown those thoughts away if i knew they would never happen. but i could’t stop myself, i didn’t even realize i felt that way until i had already started thinking that way. i love you, i always will. i’m weak. and stupid. and i know that no matter who i meet or how much time passes, if you said you loved me and needed me, i would be there. i guess that makes me kinda pathetic. but your love would be worth every ounce it. i need you. i want you. come back to me. i love you.

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