• Give Me A Break

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    I need a break. A lot of these letters are directed at past or present lovers, but this one goes out to my Mom. Mom, give me a break. I’m doing the best that I can. I just graduated less than 3 months ago. It’s not my fault that no one is hiring. Newspapers are a dying breed, people with jobs are having a hard enough time keeping them, no one’s looking for a wide eyed and green young girl like me. It’s not like I’m not trying. I send my resumes off every week but no one is calling. Sure, there are jobs out there, but 100 people are applying for one position and most of them probably have more experience than me. I don’t know what more you want from me.

    Trust me, if I got a job offer today I would take it and move out as soon as I could. It’s like living in a prison here. I get yelled at every day for being too loud while your precious new husband sleeps all day. I’ve been reduced to walking back and forth from the bathroom instead of venturing anywhere else in the house, and even that is too much for his super sonic ears. Do you think I’m trying to be loud on purpose? Do you think I want our only conversations to be about how loud I am or how I don’t have a job? Why don’t you ask me about my day? Or my friends? Or my new boyfriend? Please, I’ll take anything that doesn’t involve the words “get a job” or “be quiet.”

    Our relationship deteriorates more every day. Do you want me to be one of those daughters who only calls on your birthday? Because the more you push me the further you push me away. I need support, not badgering. Unless pushing me away is what you want. Then you and your husband can spend the rest of your days together perfecting your passive aggressiveness. But if not, then please, PLEASE, get off my back. Otherwise I promise me moving out will be the last you’ll hear of me.

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