• You.

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    Dear You,

    You wouldn’t believe the things we should’ve done. They float around in my brain, waiting for me to take action. Late, the ideas float into my brain, but I struggle at how to build them.

    I can’t fall in love.

    I’ve tried once, but the ideas floated in my head. I’m left with what once was, and with you I want what will be. But, still thoughts refuse to be released, something holds them back. I am scared to fight it, this Something. It’s what scares me the most.

    I can’t fall in love.

    He also frightened me, with his quietness, his cheekbones, his long hair, his dark eyes and his eyelashes. He enchanted me. Your hands fascinate me, and your earrings. Your smile and your eyes. The way the guitar plays those songs so damn good. The way you weren’t afraid of him, but I wanted one thing more than the other. And now the other is slipping away.

    I can’t fall in love.
    But I Keep Trying.

    Sincerely, Me.

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