• Things I’ll Never Stop Doing

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    I’ll never stop thinking about the hundreds of hours now that I’ve spent with you that I credit as some of the best of my life.

    I’ll never stop wishing that you would change your mind about us, and give it a chance, because I think we’d be perfect and brilliant and everything else.

    I’ll never stop remembering the silly word games we play with each other that tell me more about you than anything else could ever express, and vice versa.

    I’ll never stop loving the times when we look at each other across a classroom and know exactly what the other is thinking, and crack up a little bit because of that.

    I’ll never stop trying to redefine myself, to find what elusive core of me is driving everything and would do anything to make you proud.

    Even if it involves taking a dance class, reading books and watching movies I’d never otherwise watch, or memorizing the words to a musical I would never have heard of.

    I will never stop remembering that I’m not the first guy to feel this way, and I won’t be the last, but I would definitely like to be among the group of them that end up with what they want.

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