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    When I recieved the first message from you, I thought you were some spam bot. I looked at your pictures. Your beauty was so amazing I didn’t believe you to be real. Something inside of me said to message you back and I did. I soon came to realize you were a real person, who lived 3000 miles away. We have known each other for about 4 years, and we have had times were to stop talking, and it was mostly my fault in the beginning. I would get caught up in my next relationship, but that didn’t mean I stopped thinking about you and for that I am truly sorry.

    We use to write page long messages to each other. We learned so much about one another in a short time. The first time you sent me a message of you talking I had to download 2 or 3 different programs just to figure out how to get the message to play. I cried the first time I heard your angelic voice. I wrote a poem for you shortly after I stopped. Tears come to my eyes every time I think about how much I have fallen head over heels for you. I tell you I love you as often as I can, and sometimes you say it back and my world spins and I get dizzy. Sometimes I will get random messages of the most beautiful sweetest words and then you drop of the world again.

    Recently you sent me another message of your voice… this being 2 or 3 years later after the first one. I promise, I listened to it over 100 times. Some days I can’t take this… I fell in love with someone that I have never met, someone I don’t know if I will ever be with. Someone I don’t know if I will ever meet.

    Kat, I love you with everything in my heart. You’re the most attractive girl I have ever seen in my life. Your voice is comparable to that of an angel. I dream about you nearly as often as I have dreams. I want to hold you in my arms. I want to kiss your lips. I want to smell your breath as you breath on me. I want to smell your hair while your head is snuggled into my chest. I want to be with my Greek goddess. I’d give up everything that I have in my life if it meant I could be with you. I would give up my family, I would give up my friends. I would give up my life if it meant I could just see you for a day. 🙁

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