• It’s 2:40am and you’re all I can think about

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    Dear david

    So here I am, wide wake. I tried sleeping but my mind is racing, and of course they are thoughts of you. Never before in my life have I dated someone younger than I. So when I started to realize I may be in love with you I was freaked out beyond belief. I can’t stand guys my own age how the hell am I gonna deal with someone younger. I was like ‘nope I can’t do it,’ so I told myself I didn’t like you knowing that you don’t wanna be in a relationship, what I wanna know is why not. I finally got over my first love -well for the most part. You are the only person in a while that has been able to make me feel like this again. For so long I tried to find someone that made me happy, like, really truly happy. And I couldn’t find one person until we started hangin out more. At first I didn’t even realize I was attracted to you, then a month or so later I looked at you and knew. To me, your perfect. I can just go crazy with you, not as in crazy partyin -which i’m sure we’ll do- but I can just let go. With everyone else I have this huge wall up so no one can hurt me. But you, you are amazing. This is all so fast for me because I haven’t known you for more than 3 months so I don’t know how or why I like you so much, so much to the point of fallin in love with you. I hope you decide to be with me, I won’t wait forever.

    I love you

    love, A

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