• Goodbye

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    Dear Rotten ex-boyfriend:

    YOU were a mean selfish bastard! YOU would not let me ignore you. YOU pulled me in (when I did not want to be). YOU would not leave me alone! I fell DEEPLY in love with you and YOU knew it. YOU also knew YOU would leave me…which you did. YOU watched me lose “it all” as my heart was breaking (where I did not want to go on)…without having a single concern for me. YOU SUCK! 15

    …Now I have a new boyfriend… “I am very happy YOU broke up with me Rick. My new boyfriend is younger, nicer, cuter and plays the guitar WAY better than you, so THANK YOU SO much! I really mean it.”

    To my new boyfriend (YOU know who you are) YOU are a kind and good person who helps make my life happy…thank you! YOU are not mean and I like you. YOU are very sexy and like to kiss (a nice change from my last relationship.) I want you to be happy and I really care for you Pierre. You rock!


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    1. joe
      August 21, 2010 at 4:05 am

      Gayle wants to be happy with Pierre, but she’s still thinking about Rick. Shame on you, girl.



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