• Cheating

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    i totally fucking cheated on you. and i mean i REAAALLLYY cheated on you. man, i don’t even know why i dated you for two years. you were a waste of space (especially in your cramped twin sized bed where you slept in the attic of your parents house… but anyway). i liked you at first because you were a new and exciting concept to me; as a high school kid i had never been introduced to the bad-assery that you got us both into. i’ll admit it was fun, but i really didn’t ever love you. if i loved you, there is really no way i would have fucked my ex a week into our relationship. or your best friend’s brother. or his friend. or his friend. or his…

    well, you get it.

    i fucked one on my futon just hours before you came over and laid there with me. but i don’t feel bad about that; i just hope you feel as disgusting as i should.

    your bony, 120lb body was shockingly endowed with an enormous gift. but if it was about all that i wouldn’t have slept with all the other guys.

    call me a whore, but i just wanted someone to notice me for once. 2 years, and you didn’t even know the color of my eyes. so fuck you.

    oh and give me my money back.

    always a pleasure,

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