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    i know i’m not what you expected. i sensed that from our first encounter. but you kept coming back. sometimes i wonder if you know you have a girlfriend.

    i know you don’t like that i can see right through your lies. i know that’s why you just stopped lying to me. you’re not supposed to be so honest with your mistress. its going to be almost half a year now and i know your life. i’m starting to think that you love me.

    i feel bad for her, you know, your girlfriend. she loves you, or at least she loves the version you present to her. i don’t see how she can’t tell you’re lying. i see right through it. but i think thats one of the many reasons you’re so infatuated with me. i’m in every shape, way and form nothing like her.

    don’t worry. i won’t tell your secret. i wont ruin your relationship. you’re doing that just fine without me. i know you want out of the relationship. 5 years and you can’t even tell me what love is from your own perspective. coming from a friend, not your lover, you need to move on with your life. you need to get out of that state of emptiness and do what you want and be with whomever you want. but…you know, that won’t be me.

    i could never be your significant other. i don’t want to be. do you want to know why? i’ll tell you why. you’re not to be trusted. and you barely know who you are or what you want, so how could any woman know that she is what you want. i think that’s another reason you keep ending up in my bed. i’m the one thing you can never have. you don’t want to admit it, but it’s so true. you want to much to be had by a woman who really doesn’t have any serious interest in you.

    i wish you would believe me with i say you’re my entertainment, not an attachment. i’ve never been so liberal with another human being but i think this is my way of balancing out the wrongs in the world. by treating you the way you treat women. the more i dont care the more you come closer. also, i like to push my limits with you. i like to see what you’re going to do when it comes to me. if you think no one knows whats going on, you’re so painfully wrong. that wasn’t so much a gift as it was a collar a master puts on their pet. and you wear it so proudly in front of everyone. it’s cute, but i think you like it. one day you will get caught, it will probably be long after i’ve disposed of you and it will most likely be of your own fault. but like i tell you so many times. these kinds of secrets have a way of not being hidden forever. enjoy living the life someone laid out for you, the rest of us will be enjoying our freedom.
    kiss kiss

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