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    Dear Kristian,

    I’m writing you a letter here because you’ve announced to the world that you’re gay. As of right now, I’ve known you for about 7 years on and off. I think you announced your orientation within the first or second year. This isn’t what I have a problem with though.

    My problem is that I had a crush on you way back when we met. I told you that that other girl liked you, but neglected to speak of my own previous fascination. Remember that time we went to the movies? Just the two of us? I don’t know how it got arranged, but I almost thought it was a date. But you were late.

    Remember recently when you said you’d like to do it again? I said ok, but morally, I can’t make myself invite you because girls don’t ask guys out to second dates. Even though you probably don’t consider it a date.

    Remember that time you came to my house for a BBQ? It was this year, less than a month ago. You said “You look cute”, then said something along the lines of, “Not that I have a chance.” Then I gave you a funny look and you gave me a questioning on back? And then you asked me something along the lines of, what’s up? And I just shook my head?

    Why did you say that? Why?


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    1. D
      May 12, 2011 at 2:21 pm

      Lol… he said something along the lines of “Not that I have a chance.” because he’s gay. And after you gave him a funny look, he’s like (in his head) “wtf, she doesn’t know I’m gay?” and hence the weird look.



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